Donating Supplies

Cancer Action KC collects donated supplies for those in need.
Care Beyond the Boulevard 530 Quindaro Blvd, Kansas City, KS   
El Centro Inc – drop off at 650 Minnesota Ave. KCK 66101 to someone in the Health Navigation team.
Project CURE ships donated supplies to third-world countries. Call 816-835-2900 before drop-off to check someone is there. 
Friends of Ostomates Worldwide sends donated supplies to other countries.links
Osto Group gives donations of unused supplies from US donors to US ostomates.

S.W. Blvd. Family Health Care is  NOT taking donated supplies as of March 2021, perhaps due to the covid virus.  340 S.W. Blvd., KCK 66103 (at Rainbow Blvd.)
Call 913-722-3100 to find if/when they accept donations.